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Save The Bees

This season, WeatherBeeta are Buzzing about Bees! Did you know that the vast majority of plants we need for food rely on pollination, especially by bees? Bees also pollinate around 80% of wildflowers in Europe, so the countryside would be far less interesting and beautiful without them.

But they are in trouble. The decline in population is caused by a combination of stresses – from loss of habitat and food sources to exposure to pesticides and the effects of climate breakdown. More than ever before, we need to recognise the importance of bees to nature and to our lives. Therefore, this Spring season, WeatherBeeta are looking to promote the importance of bees, that’s why we have teamed up with Plan Bee Ltd to adopt 2 beehives. Throughout the spring season, WeatherBeeta will be promoting the importance of bees with the help of Plan Bee’s qualified beekeepers, who will be visiting regularly and providing updates.

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Look out for giveaways, blogs and much more throughout the spring season to help raise awareness of bees.

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