The Best View Made Better...

The best view made better! My mare Mayzie started head flinging while ridden last year and we hadn’t quite figured out what was causing it. We do mainly hacking, so first we tried smothering her in fly repellent just in case the flies were bothering her which didn’t do much. We also put a net on thinking it could be pollen but this didn’t help either. We’ve changed her bit and had teeth looked at regularly but neither of these were the issue. So we looked into bridles and with the combination of the Therapy-Tec anatomical poll guard her head flinging has basically stopped and she is a lot happier when ridden. The poll guard has worked wonders for her, making her more comfortable. We use the poll guard with her anatomical bridle as well as her ‘average’ cavesson bridle and it doesn’t matter which one we use as she is a lot more willing and forward going now that she is focused.

Best decision made for her to make our rides even more enjoyable!


Zoe Brown- Kent