Muddy Hell! I love Arthur’s dog coat & here’s why...

We are lucky enough to live in a village surrounded by countryside criss-crossed with paths. While long gone, this area formed part of the enormous Forest of Arden that dates back to before Shakespeare (and featured in ‘As You Like It’ as the ‘uncouth forest’). Uncouth I hope because it has many areas of marshland. Can’t be the locals – they are just lovely! So while we had the most perfect time walking our Labrador during lockdown last Spring and Summer, Winter months turn our favourite routes from brick hard to a muddy hell for walkers and for dog owners alike. The dogs though don’t mind one bit – but when we get home the floors, carpets and sofas certainly need some protection from the rampaging 4 legged muck spreader.

What’s become apparent so far in 2021, is that lockdown No.2 (or is it No3. I lose count!) has led to many families deciding now is the time that they can responsibly have the dog they have always wanted. Now every walk through and around the village is a festival of cavorting canines – so not unsurprisingly we have also seen quite a growth in coats being worn by them. Not to keep our dogs warm – perhaps for the smaller dogs but most would get warm by running around – but to keep the peace when we get back home. There are not many dogs that like getting hosed down to remove all the mud and certainly ours is not one that does – so the coat enables us to protect ourselves from the worst of the mud and so we just need to concentrate on the getting the mud off the feet and legs which is a much quicker and simpler task

We have seen an exponential growth in the last year in rescues and puppies in almost equal measure on our walks. Our resuce Labrador Clover sadly passed away in the Autumn just as we had taken on our first ever puppy, an Airedale called Arthur. Initially we used the Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Fleece Jumper to keep him warm as a little puppy when we were training him to do his business outside – so he didn’t find the freezing air and frosty ground any disincentive. Now Arthur loves his Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Tweed Coat (in Olive to match his rather lovely brown and marmelade colouring) but so do we as it has an underbelly wrap. This keeps him mostly clean even when the coat needs to go straight in the washing machine. It emerges 20 minutes later good as new and dries within an hour or so. We would not be without it. This summer we will be looking into getting a WeatherBeeta Reflective coat to make sure Arthur can be seen as well as heard and keep him safe as we take advantage of the longer days and harder grounds.

So that’s why we make sure we always have a Weatherbeeta Dog Coat to hand. Some people think that, as Will Shakespeare once wrote, Dog Coats are ‘’Much Ado About Nothing’’ but in our experience they always deliver a happy ending to our walks – ‘’All’s Well that Ends Well’’ perhaps?