Product Review: ComFiTec Premier Free Duo Deluxe Parka Dog Coat
I recently bought the ComFiTec Premier Free Duo Deluxe Parka for my Cocker Spaniel, Jake. I opted for this coat as the waterproof 1200 denier no fill outer really stood out to me, as Jake is usually quite hairy so doesn’t require extra warmth. But he hates the rain! This means that I can remove the fleece lining and just use the waterproof outer for rainy day walks. The stretch gusset and arched legs allow him to be completely unrestricted when flying through the air at 100mph, in usual Spaniel style. The elasticated leg straps work well to hold the coat in position whilst he is out on manoeuvres, chasing every scent possible and pretending he has forgotten his name whenever I call him. I also love that the adjustable belly wrap covers his chest and belly area, meaning I have much less washing off to do when I get back home, helping to keep my furniture much cleaner when he curls up on the corner of my sofa thoroughly exhausted and dreaming about rabbits. The best part about this coat, is that when I take him for a hair cut to the dreaded doggy hair dressers (or even worse, I tackle it myself during lockdown), I am then able to add the fleece lining under the coat for that first week or two of him pretending that he is absolutely freezing every time I take him outside! This versatile coat means I only have to have one coat which caters for all weathers and haircuts.