What makes the Therapy-Tec dog bed so effective?

Winnie is now seven months old and loves going out for her daily walks. Even though she loves to walk several miles a day, her little legs soon get tired and it’s important that her growing bones and muscles recover fully to avoid any unnecessary injury. Her new WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec dog bed will help, with its ceramic technology which reduces the build up of lactic acid and helps her to retain body heat after exercise. The ceramic powder, which has long-lasting properties, is blended within the fabric, ensuring that it will not wash out.

Like most puppies of her age, Winnie likes to chew, and the 600-denier durable outer on the sides and the upper of the bed have so far proven to be the ultimate match for her teeth! What’s more, each side panel features a zip to allow for easy care to help keep her bed clean and fresh*

With the cooler winter evenings fast approaching, the Therapy-Tec bed is sure to keep her cozy and warm. Winnie even travels in her bed, as it is the perfect size for the car to keep her secure during a journey.

Of course, no walk would be complete without a bit of smart bling! Winnie’s new WeatherBeeta padded leather dog collar in brown complements the colour of her coat perfectly. The brass name plate has been engraved with her name, and the matching lead means that she is the envy of the poochie playground!

weatherbeeta therapy tec dog bed

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*Each style in the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Range comes with individual care instructions, we recommend that you follow the instructions on the care label for each individual item. Not recommended for pregnant dogs.