What is Therapy-Tec and How Does It Work?

Here's everything you need to know about Therapy-Tec.

This collection is designed to increase your horse and dog's muscle function to reduce the risk of injury while warming up, by preparing the muscles for exercise. Therapy-Tec also assists in recovery after work by reducing lactic acid build up, which can decrease recovery time, and improve the healing process of prior injuries. The perfect choice for optimum performance and for your horse's complete comfort pre and post exercise.

Featuring a lining which has ceramic properties blended within the fabric that reflect natural body heat, are long lasting and do not wash out.

Boosts the horse and/or dog’s blood circulation and encourages oxygen supply to the tissues, helping to assist to warm up the muscles and improve muscle function.

Eases muscle strain and soreness enhancing the horse and/or dog’s own ability to reduce swelling and heal.

Speeds up recovery and enhances relaxation.

Meet the Therapy-Tec Collection

The WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Premier Therapy-Tec Detach-A-Neck Lite Plus is the perfect choice for your horse both pre and post workout, or whilst your horse is relaxing in the paddock. This rug offers a ceramic lining over the neck, shoulders, back and quarters to assist with recovery, and features a strong 1000 denier ballistic nylon outer shell with Teflon coating, that is both waterproof and breathable, with 50g of polyfill to keep out the chill.

The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Wick Dri Cooler with Combo Neck is a lightweight, breathable and highly wickable cooler with mesh covered CoolDry fleece upper and a mesh lower for airflow. Packed with Therapy-Tec technology, features also include a handy hideaway neck pocked with touch tape closure to easily fold the neck portion away and use in a standard neck style.

The WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec saddle pads, available in All Purpose and Dressage cut, are quilted with 450g polyfill and ceramic lining. Great for cold-backed horses to use during exercise, the cut back high wither design works to reduce pressure over the wither and the breathable mesh spine allows airflow to your horse's back. The covered girth patch also offers durability and girth loops allow for a secure fit, whilst attachment to the D-rings is made simple with short touch tape loops for a secure fit under saddle.

Great for rehab, recovery and preventive maintenance, as well as preventing filled legs in stabled horses, the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Stable Boot Wraps are easy to use leg wraps that have two parts. The outer material is made of strong durable neoprene with four practical touch tape tabs. Inside is a soft, padded ceramic fused pad that is removable. Great to use before or after exercise.

With ceramic fabric technology, the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec 1200D Therapy-Tec dog coat is the perfect choice for active dogs pre or post exercise to warm up and down. The ceramic fabric technology helps to reduce lactic acid build-up, relieve pain associated with arthritis or simply keep your companion warm and comfortable. With a 1200 denier waterproof and breathable outer fabric 100g of polyfill and touch tape closures on chest and belly and harness hole, this makes a great choice for dogs when extra weather protection is required for example when out walking.

Like the dog coat above, the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Fleece Dog Coat is designed to boost blood circulation and ease muscle strain and soreness, speed recovery and enhance relaxation. The warm breathable fleece outer fabric wicks away moisture and is a great choice for dogs who prefer a lightweight warmth option.

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