Choosing The Right Fly Rug For Your Horse Or Pony

Skin irritation in horses can be a huge problem for many owners, in the battle to both keep their horses cool in the heat, whilst keeping them protected from all the possible factors that can cause a flare-up.

Fly sheets come in a variety of materials and styles to suit each horse's individual needs. Mesh fly rugs are great for horses with sensitive skin, as the lightweight mesh fabric is breathable and comfortable while still protecting from insects. The combination of insect-proof material layered over a soft lining helps keep your horse cool during the hot summer months. For extra protection, WeatherBeeta fly rugs come with a UV protection as high as 95% to keep your horse safe from harmful sunlight.

Designed to be comfortable and adjustable to provide the best fit possible for your horse, several fly rugs in the WeatherBeeta range have adjustable and elastic leg straps that make it easy to find a snug fit around your horse's neck and legs, as well as a wither relief pad which provides extra comfort and helps reduce rubbing and discomfort. Discover more about WeatherBeeta fly rugs, below...

How to choose a fly rug to best suit your horses’ individual needs...

Fly rugs for horses are essential for keeping them protected from flies, midges and other biting insects during the warmer summer months. Not only do they provide a barrier between your horse's body and the bugs by providing relief from itchy bites, but they also help to keep the horse clean by blocking dust and dirt particles that can cause often skin irritation.

Fly Rugs For All Round Protection

Many horses can enjoy increased turnout during the warmer summer months, and so a great all rounder fly rug is a much needed addition to any horse or pony's wardrobe. A fly rug needs to fit well, be secure and also be easy to put on and take off. The ComFiTec Essential Mesh II Combo fly rug is one of WeatherBeeta's most popular all rounders, offering lined shoulders to prevent rubbing, large tail flap and a durable yet breathable mesh outer. 

Fly Rugs For Sweet Itch

For horses with sweet itch, the Sweet Itch Shield Combo fly rug is a great way to provide relief from the relentless itching caused by midges. The barrier of insect-proof material helps protect your horse's skin from bites and offers some respite from their discomfort. While fly rugs alone may not be enough to eliminate sweet itch completely, they can certainly help reduce its severity and provide much needed relief. Investing in a quality fly rug is an important step towards improving your horse's overall well-being and happiness.

Fly Rugs For UV Protection

Especially great for horses with limited shelter when out in the field during summer, rugs that offer UV protection can help prevent your horse from being over exposed to the sun. Horse's with pink or sensitive skin will benefit from a stronger UV protection rating, such as the 95%+ block Breeze With Surcingle IV Combo summer rug, or 95%+ block Sweet Itch Shield Combo fly rug, whereas a horse with darker pigment will still feel the benefits of a lower UV protection rating such as the 75+% block ComFiTec Airflow II Combo Neck fly rug.

Waterproof Fly Rugs

As lovely and green as the UK looks in summer, that in turn comes with the typical random showers. Whilst the majority of mesh fly rugs are incredibly lightweight and do dry fast with a gentle breeze, for extra protection, a waterproof fly rug can take away that worry of a shivering wet horse. With a tough 600 denier ripstop waterproof upper panel with mesh lower, the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec 600D/Mesh II Combo Neck offers versatility for those unpredicted showers.